The Importance of Young Adult Literature | LibroLiv

It’s an ongoing conversation. Is YA worthwhile? Respectable? Important? Is reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins as impressive as reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood?

There are so many arguments surrounding the validity of YA literature. Today, I wanted to put forward my views on this topic…

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Rereading “Fangirl” 4 Years Later | LibroLiv

I first read this book in 2014. Four years later, this is my third reading of Fangirl. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars each and every time.

However, though it’s an old favourite of mine, I’ve never actually dedicated a post to Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I reviewed Carry On, Landline, and even Kindred Spirits – but never Fangirl.

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5 Steps to Enjoy Reading & Become a Fully-Fledged Bookworm!| LibroLiv

Are you always in awe of those that race through books? That enjoy reading as much as you enjoy, say, music or movies? Have you ever wanted to become a so-called ‘reader,’ but just didn’t know where to start?

Well, today’s your lucky day: I’m about to round-up my top tips for becoming a ‘reader’ and to thoroughly enjoy reading, just like you always longed to!

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I’ve got your back, sista

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“The Poetry of Ernest Dowson” – A Guest Post by K Morris @ New Author Online | LibroLiv

Today I have something a little different to share with you all: a guest post! This guest post is written by the amazing K Morris from the blog New Author Online, a poet I have spoken a lot about on this blog and praised highly in my reviews of his poetry anthologies. In his article, he discusses his love for the poet Ernest Dowson.

I really enjoyed reading it, and I hope you do, too!

Olivia (:

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Life Hack: Reading Makes you Smarter! | LibroLiv

It’s a topic that’s widely discussed, with related facts usually quoted to encourage kids to actually pick up their reading comprehension homework. But today I’m going to look into whether reading really does make you smarter. And by reading I mean reading anything, from books, to web pages, to Tweets.

So, does reading make you smarter?

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Bookish Confessions | LibroLiv

We all have secrets. Things we don’t usually share. Things we may be a little ashamed of. Certainly, there are things I haven’t shared with you all on this blog. Dark things. Sinister things. Ominous bookish habits that you may condemn me for…

OK, enough with the dramatics. Today, I’m going to be confessing all of my bookish wrongdoings, misgivings, sins. I hope you don’t hate me for this!

(…But most of all, I hope some of you relate!)

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