The Entertainer Blogger Award | LibroLiv

Hello all! Today I am back with a very special post courtesy of Franciska @ Life is Sweet in Books, who nominated me for this award. If you, for some reason, find you do not yet follow the lovely Franciska, I highly suggest you check out her blog by clicking here – you won’t regret it. (I know I didn’t!)

Now, on with the award…

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The Book Fangirling Award | LibroLiv

Hello, Everyone!

Yesterday I was nominated by the lovely Codie for the Book Fangirling Award. Thanks again, Codie!

Before reading this post, you should all make sure you check out the blog Reader’s Anonymous (Codie’s blog), as it is one of my favourites, and truly enjoyable to read. Continue reading “The Book Fangirling Award | LibroLiv”

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Hey everyone! Sorry for the utter lack of posts, but that’s end-of-term school for you – revision, revision, revision. However, today I come to you with an award post, courtesy of Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much. Thank you so much, Cátia! Her blog is one of my absolute favourites, so I highly recommend you check her out. But first, the award! Continue reading “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award”

The Sunshine Blogger Award #2 | Bibliomad

I would like to direct a big thank you to the lovely Ayunda over at Tea & Paperbacks for this nomination. I have actually already taken part in this award process, but I love the questions Ayunda supplied, and so had to complete it for a 2nd time! I hope you all enjoy reading, and I highly recommend you all check Ayunda’s blog out by clicking here.

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