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Happy Tuesday, everybody! You know what time it is…


“Top Ten Tuesday” is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s prompt is:

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

However, because I missed last week’s Top Ten Tuesday (sorry!), I’m going to be combining it with this weeks. Last week’s prompt was:

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

Thus, today I’m going to be talking about my book turn ons, and turn offs. Here we go!

⋘Book Turn Ons⋙

1. Pretty or Unique Covers

I just love it when books have beautiful covers, and this always makes it into the ‘pro’ column when I’m deciding whether or not to read a book. (I know, I know, don’t judge a book by its cover…) However, I love it even more when a book cover has a unique feature, like a foldout or double layer. This usually comes in the form of an upper cover having a cutout, and a secondary cover filling the gap, which I love. My favourite example is probably this edition of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon:

Image result for curious incident of the dog in the nighttime book

2. Pretty Spines

If a book has a pretty spine, I’m itching to get it on my shelf. End of story. Sometimes I’ll factor this above the cover. For example, I’m not really a big fan of the cover for Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater, but the spine? Oh, that spine is glorious.

Image result for blue lily lily blue spine Image result for blue lily lily blue spine

3. Short Synopses

If you can get a short synopsis that hooks me in, I’m yours. Forever. Poetry anthologies are usually good for this. A recent example would be Letters to Medea by Salma Deera:

A collection of poems that reincarnates one of the most wicked women in classical literature into the modern day. It is a collection that celebrates and understands girlhood, loss, and love. These are Medea’s letters to the modern girl.

4. A 4-Star or More Rating on Goodreads

I usually research a book before I read it just to find out if it’s worth it, especially if it’s on the pricey side. (That being said, I do enjoy going into books blind…) If said book has a 4-star or higher rating on Goodreads, I’m much more likely to read it. I usually scrimp with my ratings, and I know a lot of other people who do, so props to a book with such a high rating: you must be good.

5. Worn Books

This is a bit of a weird one, and I don’t know if many people are going to agree with me, but I love it when a book is worn. This is why I love second-hand book shopping. I think a worn book is a book with character (and not just those on the inside…) I’m talking yellowed edges, folded pages, cracked spines, the works. The other day, I bought a second hand book, and when I opened it for the first time, a page fell out, and I fell in love.

⋘Book Turn Offs⋙

1. Synopses That Feel Never-Ending

You know the one: you pick up a book, glance at the cover, turn it over to see a plethora of writing. The synopsis. You read the first line. You put it down. Well, that’s what I do, anyway. I don’t have time to read a synopsis as long as Chapter 1. Authors: less is more. Let your book speak for itself.

2. Cringe-Worthy Quotes on the Front

My favourite is “Just read it – John Green”

I stayed away from More Than This by Patrick Ness for months because of that awful quote. I also despise 1-word adjective quotes like “spellbinding” or “beautiful.” You could have picked any positive adjective, and it wouldn’t have changed what I took from it…

3. People Staring at you from the Cover

Yes, I’m looking at you, Wordworth Editions!

Image result for wordsworth editions tender is the night Image result for wordsworth editions jane eyre Image result for wordsworth editions frankenstein

Thank you for reading!

What are your bookish turn ons/offs? Tell me in the comments!

Keep an eye out for more Top Ten Tuesday posts from me!

Until next time, and to keep up with my reading as it happens, find me on Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Olivia x


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