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1It’s that time of the year! The time when we realise the year is about to end…

And that can only mean one thing: The Goodreads Choice Awards!

I’ve never made a post like this before, but I thought it would be interesting to talk to you guys about who I voted for and why. Forwarning: I didn’t vote in every category, as I haven’t read books from them, and I feel it would be unfair to vote for a random book on a whim.

Anyway, here are my votes:








This was a difficult choice for me, because Salt to the Sea and The Unexpected Everything were 2 of my all-time favourite books this year. To choose between them was so difficult! I eventually chose The Unexpected Everything simply because Morgan Matson is consistently amazing with her books, and I am yet to read any other novels by Ruta Sepetys. Perhaps not the perfect reason for voting, but it works for me!

6 (2).jpg






This was another tough one, because all of the books in this category that I’ve read were absolutely amazing – Lady Midnight was a great return to the Shadowhunter world, The Winner’s Kiss was a beautiful conclusion to an awesome trilogy, and The Raven King is everything I ever wished for. In the end, I had to go with The Raven King. Though the other 2 had their merits – had a lot of merits – I had to stick with my gut: The Raven King tore my heart to pieces and then glued it back together again and I would do it over and over again.

So I actually only voted in 2 categories. I know, anticlimatic. But really, this post was to make sure all of you guys vote for your favourite books of 2016 to ensure the best books prosper! I’ve made my choices, now it’s time for you to make yours. Click here to cast your votes!

Thank you for reading! Who will you be voting for?

Until next time, and to keep up with my reading as it happens, find me on Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Olivia x

(Please note: All graphics used are property of Goodreads. I’m just handy with the Print Screen button…)


3 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Awards 2016: What I Voted For | LibroLiv

  1. In those categories I voted for Tell Me Three Things and Crooked Kingdom. These were the only topics where I read more than one book nominated I think. And there were several categories where I didn’t read anything. I wonder how they come up the choices? Most of what I’m hearing is that most people haven’t read a lot of them.

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    1. These are the only 2 categories with a book I’ve actually read! In total, I’ve read 5 of all the books nominated. I am curious about how they pick, because a lot of them I’ve never even heard of, which is especially surprising in the YA categories because that’s most of my reading material. I tend to be a bit behind on new releases though!

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