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Remember when Sam said reading a book is “like TV in your head”? iClassics just took that to a whole new level.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post illustrating my views on the decline of readers of classic novels entitled #SaveTheClassics. Today, in relation to the organisers of the #SaveTheClassics movement, I am going to talk to you about iClassics’ latest app: iDoyle.

That’s right, an app dedicated to retelling the stories of Sherlock Holmes in a unique and interactive fashion.

sherlock happy excited benedict cumberbatch bbc

Ipad_iDoyle_02.jpgAnd, I am happy to inform you, iDoyle offers the greatest reading experience you can imagine. I was fully immersed in the story it provides – A Scandal in Bohemia – due to the entrancing music and animations. I love the different formats of text presentation and how interactive it is; I honestly felt as though I was aiding Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in solving their case. This made it so that I was much more invested in the story, refusing to stop reading for anything!

Honestly, this is the best thing in books since paperbacks!

Not only that, but both the music and the artwork in this app is original, making it a simultaneously exciting and unique experience to read with iClassics.

I am thrilled to be able to announce that this app is available for sale from today on both iTunes and the Google Play store, so – if you’re interested in preserving classic novels, or just interested in the story, and what the app itself has to offer – make sure you go and download it!


Thank you for reading, and remember: #SaveTheClassics!

Until next time, and to keep up with my reading as it happens, find me on Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Love, Olivia x


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