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Happy Sunday, everyone!

It’s now less than 2 weeks until Christmas, and I’m really starting to get into the festive spirit. So much so, I’ll be posting a Christmassy post on my other blog (VestisLiv) everyday from today until Christmas Eve, so make sure you’re subscribed (click here) to keep up to date!Shameless self promotion aside, I’d like to continue with my festivities, but on this blog. Thus, today I come to you with the Christmas Cracker book tag. I wasn’t tagged for this, but saw Cátia’s answers to it, so you should definitely check hers out before you read mine by clicking here.


Pick a book with a wintry cover.

It may be an obvious choice, but both covers of My True Love Gave to Me are so festive! The cover on the left had fairy lights – adorably Christmassy – and a blue background that reminds me of winter. The cover on the right looks – for some reason – more traditionally Christmassy, to me. The font reminds me a lot of pantomime fonts, which are very common this time of year, and the ice skating rink is a cute nod to winter traditions.


Pick a book you’re likely to buy as a present.

Last year I actually bought My True Love Gave to Me for a friend, but to mix it up, I’ll mention The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. This is a book that I think everyone should read at some point. Also, I feel as though this book is attractive to a lot of people. For example, my friend loves fantasy novels, and still loved this book. Thus, I think it would be a great present for anyone, young or old.


Pick a festive themed book.

dash and lily's book of dares

Honestly, My True Love Gave to Me could be the answer to all of these questions! But no, for this I chose Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, a really cute and light read that really gets me into the festive spirit.


Pick a book you can curl up with by the fireplace.

Not exactly festive, but Fangirl is so very heart-warming that it makes my chest hurt. I really want to re-read it ASAP!


Pick a book you want to read over the festive period.

It won’t be this year, but I really want to read Let It Snow next year!


Pick a book that’s so good it gives you chills.

This book is insane! I’m currently reading the third and final book in the series – Lux – and loving it so far. Courtney Cole is very talented.


Pick a book going on your Christmas wish list.

I want to read this so badly it makes me want to cry. Maybe I’ll read it once I’ve reread Fangirl…

Holy mother of God it’s so annoying when tags only have 7 questions and not 8, but whatever Iwillcarryon. There are my answers to the Christmas Cracker Book Tag. I won’t be tagging anyone, but I encourage you to complete this tag if you enjoyed reading my answers.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading all about your favourite books to read in the run up to Christmas! I’m so excited!

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Olivia x


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