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Hello, everyone! My absolute favourite, Laura, tagged me to complete the TMI Book Tag! She is the wonderful author of the blog LaLa’s Book Reviews – I highly recommend you all go and check her out by clicking here. Let’s get started!


What character has a fashion sense that you like?

This isn’t extremely obvious in the books, but Blair Waldorf is my fashion spirit animal. Her style is quirky yet on trend, and effortlessly adorable. She looks professional yet equally flirty in her range of different styles seen from Season 1 of the TV phenomenon all the way to her wedding dress in Season 6.


Who is your book boyfriend, or fictional crush?

Frequent readers of mind would’ve seen this coming. My fictional boyfriend is, of course, Étienne St. Clair.


Ever loved a character, and then started hating them?

I adored Adam in Shatter Me. I hated him for the rest of the series. Team Warner!


What is the biggest or longest book on your shelf ?

Understandably so, I guess. This book is a hard cover, and sinks my shelf at 960 pages. Core blimey!


The heaviest book on your shelf?

This book is 560 thick and glossy pages of Twilight back stories. I really enjoyed reading it, but God is it heavy!


Do you have any book posters?

Why, The Mortal Instruments, of course!


Do you have any book themed jewellery?


Pretty sure I have Katniss’ mockingjay pin somewhere…


Book O.T.P.


Cath and Levi complete my soul.


Favourite book series.

Guess it explains why I have a book poster of it!


Favourite book to movie sound track.


The movie version of If I Stay by Gayle Forman has an amazing soundtrack – it really captured the band, for me.


A book you wished would continue because you missed it.

Anna and the French Wedding?


Favourite stand-alone.


There are a few I could’ve mentioned here, but The Perks of Being a Wallflower has a special place in my heart. And, technically, neither Anna and the French Kiss nor Fangirl are stand-alones.


When did you start reading books?

As soon as I could. Simple as that.


Which Hogwarts House are you in?

I’m a proud Ravenclaw!


Quality you look for in a book.

Detailed writing. Figurative language. Characters to root for. Words that make me feel something. Frankly, I don’t care about much else when it comes to good books; so long as my heart is affected, I’m invested. I actually wrote a whole post about this idea, which you can read here.


Favourite book quote.

“No matter how much you think you know a person—no matter how pretty they are, or how together they act, or how popular they seem, you can never know what their lives are really like. Not unless you ask them. And not unless you’re listening.”


Favourite author.

Not just for her books, but everything she stands for.


Favourite book cover.


Minimalistic and satisfying. Connor Franta understands me.


Action or romance?

reactions crush alicia silverstone swoon drool

I’m a sucker for romance!


Why did you start blogging?

To combine my two loves in life – reading, and writing. And to share that love with the world.


Where do you go when a sad moment happens?

sad crying emma stone eating ice cream

The kitchen. Comfort food all the way.


How long do you need to finish a book?

Well, my good friend, that depends on a lot of factors. Do I like it? Is it a page-turner? Do I love the characters and yearn to find out more? Basically, if it isn’t any of those things, about a week. If it is any of those things, I must ask: How long is this book you speak of? (Short books, about 1-2 days. 300 pages+ about 4 days. 500+ about a week.)


How long is your mourning period?

best part with moments mockingjay

Let’s put it this way: I read Catching Fire in 2011, and I still neglect to believe that Finnick is dead. Spoilers, by the way – I apologise.


Least favourite book.

Fracture Me (Shatter Me, #2.5)

Addie? No thanks.


Turn-on in a character?

Humour and intelligence. Actually what I look for in real people, too.


Turn off?

Threatens to ruin my OTP. Step away Camille Belcourt.


Name a scary book.

If You're Lucky

This book gave me chills. Extremely clever, and definitely plays with your mind.


Last book that made you cry?

Pretty much cried of happiness.


Last book you gave 5 stars?

Speaks for itself, let’s be real.


Any favourite book titles?

Since You've Been Gone

Simply because I hear the song in my mind every time I see this book!


The last book you’ve read?

Creepy and beautifully written – what more could you want?!


Book you’re currently reading?

And I’m absolutely loving it! Courtney Cole has a certain way with words that I adore.


Last book adaptation you watched?

I was looking forward to this, but I actually skipped out about halfway through due to boredom. Sorry!


A book character you always wanted to talk to?

Wanda. She is a beautiful soul.


An author you always wanted to talk to?

Roald Dahl. He pretty much ignited my love of literature.


Favourite book snack?

Frozen yoghurt lollies. Thank you lord for this invention.


What book world would you like to live in?

Victorian London with Shadowhunters? Yes please!


What book world would you not like to live in?

It’s interesting to read about, but Nazi Germany is not on my top 10 list of places to go.


Last time you smelled a book?

amazing book john green smelling

Just now – this question basically invited that!


Weird insults used in books?

“You Chum Head.” Oh…OK.


Favourite romance in a book?

Find someone that loves you like Ethan loves Lena. Love someone like Ethan loves Lena.


Do you write?Endemol Beyond inspiration michelle writing phan

Why, of course! I’m writing right now! I also write whenever I have spare time.


Favourite magical item?

city of glass

The Mortal Mirror. Enough said.


Your Quiddtich position?

tv movies film tech harry potter

Uh, The Seeker…duh.


Name a song you connect to a book.

Since You've Been Gone



What is your favourite book related pick-up line?

Are you a library? Because I can’t stop checking you out.

rihanna winking


Have you ever use that?

Never in my 15 years.


Favourite book fandom?

Ever since Shadowhunters was announced, the TMI fandom has been such a great place to be. Everyone is so kind, and legitimately hilarious.


How many books do you own?

tumblr_ni8lp9BWpj1skswjlo1_500Never ending books.


Who do you tag?

I don’t particularly tag anyone per se, because this is an extremely long tag. I do, however, encourage everyone who enjoyed reading this to give it a go yourself!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading TMI about your book life!

Olivia x


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