October Song Recommendations

Although we’re approaching mid-October, here I am talking to you guys about my music for this month. I apologise for it coming so late, but I’ve been super busy recently, and never got chance to write this post until now! So, without further ado, here are my music picks for this month…

Side note: Has October flown by for everyone, or is that just me? September seemed so long, but it feels as though October only just started, when actually it’s the 10th already! Time flies!

Anyway, here are my favourite songs right now!

This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads (Cover by Walk The Moon)

Firstly, the constant happiness in this band’s voices never fails to make me smile. However, I adore this song simply because of how rustic it is (acoustic), and how relaxed it makes me feel. It also has a really nice, autumnal feeling, in my opinion. I don’t know why, it just reminds me of crunchy leaves and orange.

Bite by Troye Sivan

At the start of September, YouTuber Troye Sivan released his second EP, entitled ‘Wild’. Whilst I love the titular track – and every other track on the EP, for that matter – I have a strange fondness towards Bite. I love the random mix of rhythms it contains, and the metaphors in the chorus really interest me. Listen to it below to see what I mean.

Work Song by Hozier

Last month, my pick from this album was Jackie and Wilson. Frankly, I cannot get enough of this album, and probably never will, but so far this month, I have been a little too obsessed with Work Song. I absolutely love how relaxed this song is, whilst also enticing me to sing along.

Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

This isn’t a new song, nor has it suddenly burst back into popularity. This song, simply, is my darker-side-of-autumn song. We are currently in ‘sweater weather’, and this song makes me feel so cold, yet so warm inside. I absolutely adore The Neighbourhood, they being the only rap-circulating band I have ever come across, whilst also being extremely relateable. For me, anyway.

Midnight by Tor Miller

Again, this isn’t a new song, but a song that makes me think of winter. In my opinion, this song is really catchy, and very different to a lot of the music I like, yet I’m always in the mood to listen. Tor Miller has a really soothing, quirky voice, as well as a great song writer making this song so perfect for me.

Magnets by Disclosure and Lorde

I discovered this song through Spotify, and was so happy when I did, for this song is so catchy, and I adore Lorde! Disclosure also usually make really great music, this song not being an exception. Listen below!

‘Cause I’m a Man by Tame Impala (HAIM remix)

Again, a catchy song, but also so relaxing! It also features a woman singing “I’m a man” which I find really interesting, despite that having nothing to do with the meaning. The meaning includes the idea that “because I’m a man” is a lame excuse that people still tend to use. Also, I adore HAIM, and so was very happy when I discovered they decided to remix this song.

Love Me by The 1975

The 1975 is one of my favourite artists, and they have been teasing their fans for so long now with when new music is coming. And it’s finally here! I was so over the moon when the day came, and I have to say, I am in love with this new song! It’s so different to their old music, and so 80s, yet so simultaneous modern! Click below to send your ears to heaven! (…if you like this kind of music, that is.)

I cannot currently embed a video, for the song is so new and does not yet exist on YouTube. I can, however, forward you to Spotify, wherein you can listen to this song to all your heart’s content.

If you like this selection of songs, or would like to listen to it in a row, feel free to find this playlist* on my Spotify profile, or by clicking here.

*Note: This playlist is subject to change and frequent updates on my part.

Thank you very much for reading, however I am not quite finished. I have 2 more things to tell you, both relating to social media.

  1. I created a Spotify account to easily fulfill my music desires. I am really enjoying it so far, and would love it if you joined me. Find my profile by clicking here, and follow me if you like.
  2. I created a Twitter account especially for this blog, so as to keep up to date with the bookish world, and, of course, bloggers! You can find my profile by clicking here – feel free to follow me! (I’ll probably follow you back :))

Again, thanks for reading. Tell me in the comments what your favourite song is right now!

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