The Encouraging Thunder Award

encouraging-thunderLovely Laura nominated me for this here award, and I am very, very grateful! I highly recommend you check her blog out by clicking here!

⋘The Rules⋙

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Post the Encouraging Thunder logo.
3. Mention your purpose in blogging.
4. Nominate others for the award.

⋘My Blogging Purpose⋙

My general aim with this blog from the very start was to discuss books. I adore reading – always have, probably always will – and it wasn’t until I started this blog that I had a platform to express said love.

55 days, 158 followers, and 37 blog posts later, and I still have the same aim: to share my love of books with the world, and others like myself.

There is nothing better than finding someone who has read the same book as you, and has the same opinions as you about said book, and this blogging community that I am now a part of allows me to find new people every day that I can talk to, discuss books with, and rave about how good certain books are. And I love that. I truly love that.

Another thing I love about blogging is the feedback. It makes me smile every single time someone likes a post of mine, it makes my chest bubble each time someone leaves me a comment, and it gives me butterflies when ever someone follows me. Because these are real people, not just a number on a screen. Real people are reading what I think about a book, and taking time out of their day to talk to me about it. It’s so great!

If you are reading this now, considering whether or not you should start a blog, let me be the final sign that pushes you to do so; BiblioMad is the best decision I ever made!

The Nominees

Tasha @ Head in the Clouds, Heart in the Books

Flo @ FlowlessBooks

Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions

Cami @ A Bookaholic Blog

And anyone who wants to tell their followers their purpose in blogging! I’d love to read all of your answers!


5 thoughts on “The Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. Laura

    Ay, I wanted to tell you something.
    Since I know you like to make your own headers, I recommend you try PhotoScape software.It is free, and you can do all sorts of things with your pictures. 🙂 If you want to try it, let me know, and I’ll post the link, so you can download it.

    Liked by 1 person

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