Bookish Pet Peeves

I’ve seen a lot of people writing posts of this fashion, and I can relate to a lot of them. Thus, I wanted to share with you guys the book-ish things that really grind my gears! 

When the Sequel Sucks

So, you love a book. And then, the happily realisation comes about that there’s going to be a sequel. Hurrah! You race to the book store/Amazon, purchase said sequel, and start reading as soon as possible. And then it hits you: the writing isn’t as good/the plot sucks/your favourite characters are gone/there’s no action/this is a re-hash of book 1/this book sucks!

I hate it when this happens! It’s so frustrating when you realise that the sequel of your dreams isn’t all it cracked up to be! Here are some personal examples:

  1. Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisburger – was there even a need for this book?
  2. Insurgent by Veronica Roth – frankly, the series is just downhill from book 1. I hate Tris in this book.
  3. Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia – The sequel to Beautiful Creatures, a lot of people hate this series, anyway. Personally, I really enjoyed book 1. Book 2, however, was stupid. Book 3 was OK, but please, don’t get me started on book 4!


gross animated GIF

Some things are hard not to cliché, granted, but others…there’s a limit to how cheesy you need to be. Sometimes, cliche is good, fun, and light. Examples include:

  1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
  2. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
  3. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

However, once you cross that fine line, your book makes me want to puke. Examples include:

  1. Paper Towns by John Green – don’t shoot me.
  2. The 100 by Kass Morgan – it’s so cliché it’s predictable.
  3. Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares – *runs to find bucket*.

When Authors Try to be Relateable

rihanna animated GIF

Not cool! Some authors probably do this successfully, and become relateable without trying. Others, though, fail miserably, and it becomes painfully clear that they really wanted that line to be quoted/they really wanted that line to be funny/they really want to be noted as relateable. Examples include:

  1. To Hear the Ocean Sigh by Bryant A. Loney – click to read my review. So unrelateable, yet so determined to be relateable.
  2. Grow Up by Ben Brooks – not as funny as Brooks probably thinks.
  3. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – again, don’t shoot me.

Unnecessary Swearing

dongho animated GIF

This is common in a lot of YA novels. YA authors – do you think all teenagers swear a lot? Do you think all teenagers believe it to be cool to swear a lot? Do you think it makes your book appeal to teenagers more? I honestly do not know where this trend comes from, but I find it so annoying when authors include a lot of swearing. Often, it ruins a perfectly good book, simply because it makes you cringe. One prime example includes: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell – why do they all swear so much? It does nothing to help the story!

However, it is true that it becomes really annoying when the author is trying to cover up blasphemy. For example, “what the heck” as opposed to “what the hell”. What’s the point?

When the Leading Girl Just-So-Happens To Be Drop Dead Gorgeous

beautiful animated GIF

This is unrealistic and so annoying! The worst occasions are when the girl plays it down – “I guess I’m pretty” – just after being described as a supermodel. NO! STOP! This happens a lot in YA books, which makes it even worse; what is your reader going to think? She has to be outrageously stunning to get the guy? It’s these unrealistic standards that lead to body shaming and self hate! YA authors, please, stop doing this!

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi – click to read my review – is the best/worst example of this. Juliette essentially looks in the mirror for the first time after about a year in captivity and realises she’s beautiful. Realises. Why is her beauty so necessary to the story?

And there we have 5 things that frustrate me in books! Let me know if you’d like to see another post like this – I have many more bookish pet peeves!

Comment down below your biggest bookish pet peeve!


15 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves

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  3. Laura

    What I hate: toxic/abusive relationships portrayed as true luv–> many YA/NA novels have this
    girl virgin+whoreish boy=luv –> why can’t we have a virgin girl+a virgin boy? or both of them non-virgins. Or if the novel sends the message that being a girl slut is but, than it should say the same things about slut guys; vice versa. I don’t mind if the protagonist is a virgin or not, but I it annoys me when the virgin always ends up with the player. As people change that fast. Or when girls are put down because they have a boyfriend or smth (sorry, I just read a series where the protagonist was saying slut left and right, and then she falls for the school’s player and it bugged me >. stereotyping in general, but the blond thingy gets on my nerves.
    I don’t mind if the girl/women is beautiful. It bugs me when she says something like: “I look weird” “nobody will like me” “I’m plain”,…even though there 5 guys falling for her.
    —> can we have a protagonist who has a birth defect, or a scar on her face? Or maybe she’s blind/death.
    And the list goes on. 😀

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  4. I don’t mind the swearing at all, really, but I have a “terrible” mouth and always have. However, high school wasn’t too long ago for me, so I do find it to be pretty typical of the average vernacular of kids that age, at least based around the kids I went to school with. The thing I do agree about, though, is the “insta-beauty” trend with the heroines in these novels. Do the authors think we’re going to relate more with the characters if they’re the most gorgeous creature alive?

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    1. Olivia Emily

      Ah see I don’t swear a lot, nor do many of my friends so I guess that’s why we think differently on that topic. Insta-beauty, as you called it, is very annoying, and I’ve no idea what the authors think they’re gaining from it because, if anything, it lowers my opinion of the book!


  5. I agree with whole unnecessary swearing, esp when every other page contains its, seems overloaded; as well as the whole drop dead gorgeous leading girl and the attempt at being “humble” or “ignorant” of her looks as you aptly put it just been described at supermodel pretty. I think one of my bookish pet peeves are overly repetitive themes/imagery, where every other conversation or monologue would contain some sort of reminder about the theme or imagery. It’s basically continuously beating a dead horse.

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    1. Olivia Emily

      I agree with everything you said – it’s so annoying when the protagonist/narrator has a continuous inner monologue of the same thing over and over. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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  6. I agree with you about swearing. If a character hits their thumb hard with a hammer then they are going to swear and it would be unrealistic for them to remark “Oh silly me I just whacked my thumb with a hammer”. Anyone doing that in the real world would swear and a good fiction writer should replicate this. I also agree, swearing to look cool (I mean for the author to appear cool or using bad language for the sake of doing so) is anything but cool.
    I also dislike it when a series goes on longer than the author’s capabilities can sustain. For example I am a fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories. However, in my opinion many of the later tales are not up to the standards of the earlier ones. Holmes was famously killed off by Doyle. However, due to public dismay at his demise Doyle felt compelled to bring him back from the dead. Had he remained in the land of shades it might, from the point of view of Doyle’s reputation been a good thing given that many of the later adventures are not of the same high quality.

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  7. Definitely agree with these – at the moment, I find it annoying when the author tries to make the character relatable by making them read lots and lots of books, despite the fact that they should definitely be focusing on other things!

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  8. Mhmm!! I feel you on these girl. I think unnecessary swearing is obnoxious too. I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when the book is rushed. Like they want to add so much information that they just skim over things. It’s like wait what! I want more detail.

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