Dalliance: A Collection of Poetry and Prose by K. Morris – BOOK REVIEW

Rating: 5/5 stars

 A collection of poetry and flash fiction.


“The night is dark. Outside engines rev and die. In my room the dolphin looks down from the picture. A fish on the wall, how strange.

Thoughts travel with vehicles along endless roads, while I sit, the dolphin looking on, swimming perpetually on a wall.”

-An excerpt from Waves, pg 26

24498367Question: How can one line – one simple sentence – provoke such meaning, hold such depth, contain such raw emotion? You’re lost for answers if you’re asking me, for nor do I know or can fathom the talent Morris must have to accomplish such a thing.

Dalliance is a collection of poetry and prose, crafted by the wonderful talent of K. Morris, containing a mixture of short poems, long poems, and flash fiction, concluded with an essay at the end, which will dazzle and define you simultaneously; each poem we can relate to, each short story provokes personal emotion, and even the essay causes one to be contemplative. In a nut shell, with each page turn comes a new story, a new poignant perspective, with a bundle of more emotions, more passion, and more soul.

Personally, I favoured the short stories the most, for – of course – they’re all beautifully written, and in the perspective of a rhythmic voice, yet many of them contain sly humour, which catches you at the end. In particular, I noticed how Morris tends to begin on one topic, and right at the end switches it to another; the topic that had been discussed by the character is not irrelevant, but is instead the cause of the final paragraph, or final line. I really enjoyed this method of storytelling, because it’s very unique, and definitely something I’ve never seen before.

Furthermore, much of the poetry included in this collection is short, but this is not to say it is too short. On the contrary, in fact, the short poems are probably the most thought provoking. They are the ones that offer a quick insight into the mind of another, and are so ambiguous, you can interpret it in whichever fashion you desire.

Likewise, dissimilar to many poetry/prose collections, this collection isn’t structured around one theme or emotion. Quite frankly, reading of the same emotion or theme continuously is terribly boring, and so when reading Dalliance, you’re faced with differing emotions with each page, which I definitely prefer. Happy, funny, and joyous pages are juxtaposed with melancholic, serious, and abhorrent pages, all of which being victim to Morris’ underlying dark humour.

In a nut shell, Morris writes originally, beautifully, and true. The emotions described are raw, and lacking gimmicks, causing this collection to be a beautiful, contemplative read.

I very much enjoyed this collection, and highly suggest you pick it up, for it is available on the Amazon Kindle Store for just 99p! Click here to check it out, and maybe even purchase it. If you do, you’ll be supporting a talented, independent author for a very low price! And, of course, you can find this poetry/prose collection on Goodreads by clicking here.

As always, thank you for reading, and I very much hoped you enjoyed this post, as do I hope you consider picking up Dalliance!

(Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from K Morris in exchange for an honest review. I would like to send a big thank you and congratulations to K Morris for this collection, and its brilliance.)

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