Hello everybody!

As you can probably tell from the title, today is a very special day…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! 

I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks, and so you probably didn’t know that today is my birthday, because I don’t know very many people around here just yet. Thus, I wanted to find a tag to answer to celebrate my birthday, whilst keeping it book related at the same time. Then I found this tag on YouTube by BrunetteBibliophile, so credit to her for the questions – I also absolutely loved your video (your answers were so good!) so shout-out to you. Be sure to watch her video here. I wasn’t tagged but ah, what the hell, I did it anyway. Let’s get right on into it!

Side note: I hit 50 followers yesterday, which really is amazing. Thank you all so much!♥

1. Count your birth day along your bookshelf and then subtract your birth month. What book does it land on? 

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. Woop woop! What better than a good Cassy Clare novel to start this tag? This book is the 2nd in the Mortal Instruments series, and just about where things start to get confusing/interesting/exciting. (*cough*INCEST STORYLINE*cough*). Comment if you’ve read this book – it’s from my favourite ever series, and I’d love to meet some fellow CC lovers! (PS. Shoutout to CC for releasing Bitter of Tongue today of all days! It’s part of The Shadowhunter Academy spin-off series, and a really great birthday present, even if she doesn’t know it!)


2. If you could spend your birthday with any fictional character who would it be and why?

Étienne St. Clair from Stephanie Perkin’s Anna and the French KissÉtienne just seems like the kind of boy who would really treat you like a princess on your birthday. I would say he’s underrated, but that’s not true – everyone loves Étienne! He’s so sweet and handsom and it doesn’t even matter that he’s short, because I’m short, too! And, come on, French guys? Hello! Or should I say, Bonjour, je m’appelle Olivia et je t’adore. (Pardon my French (literally). I’m a little rough around the edges!)


3. Find a book that takes place in the season you were born in.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. I am a summer baby, and whenever I think of the word summer, I automatically think of this book/series. Jenny Han’s books make me so happy in general, but The Summer I Turned Pretty never fails to make me laugh out loud, and it always gives me hope that a munchkin like me may one day bloom into something beautiful.


4. Find a book that is the colour of your birth stone.

The birthstone for August is Peridot (according to Google), which is a bright green. The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp is a lovely forest green colour (well, my copy is, anyway) – that’ll do, right? This book was one of my favourites for a looooooong time, until I realised how poor the ending is. I still have so many unanswered questions relating to this book! Despite this, I really do like this book. It contains so many important messages every adolescent should know, and essentially teaches in a what-not-to-do fashion.


5. Is their a series with the same number of books as your age? If so what is it?

Not that I can find! I Googled, and they’re all 14 books long, dammit! A 14-book-long series, though, is the Gossip Girl series, which I’ve recently been reading as every other book I read, just as a relaxer and a bit of fun! It’s actually not terrible. It’s funny and I do enjoy reading about lives in the upper classes.


6. Pick a book set in a time period, world or country you would like to have been born in.

This was really difficult to answer! All the books set in the future are suffering or at least something isn’t quite right, and all the books set in the past are set in the war, so that wouldn’t have been fun. Thus, I chose The Lovely Bones, because it’s set in the ’70s, and I feel as though the fashion was really good in that particular era. The films released were also good, for example, Grease (1978). My mum grew up the ’70s and she always talks about how good it was back then, too.

Despite not being tagged by anyone, I’m still going to tag some book bloggers to do this tag, because I want to get to know you all more! You don’t have to do it on your birthday, nor do you have to do it at all – I don’t really know who likes being tagged/completing tags yet. Anyway, I tag:

ComfyReading | ReadByLucy | DontYouShushMe | BooksBeforeBlood | SueReadingCorner | HannahsBrilliantBookCorner | AnnaTheBibliophile | TheLittleBookAffair

Everyone tagged is the owner of a wonderful blog!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. It was a little different to my usual posts, but I like reading posts like this, so I thought I may as well write one! As always, thanks for reading! And again, thanks for my first milestone number of followers! You’re all amazing, and I hope you have a great day on this wonderful day that is my birthday!

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